I engaged Mr John Velos and his legal team at Velos & Velos lawyer in bankruptcy situation where I was involved with my spouse. They have worked promptly and compassionately to defend me in a situation that almost cost me my house.

He has been extremely understanding of my financial situation. He proceed with this matter in a way that allow me to continue focusing on my children and my life in general like nothing was happening. He made me feel like I matter, just like his fanfify/ He showed compassion, professionalism and care.

Mr John Velos would have me sit down in their office where He and his team will explain everything with every single detail to me, on how they will proceed in the matter and what I should expect. They will also listen to my requirement and let me decide on actions calmly. The situation involved
another party living in Sydney, New South Wales, so it was so stressful to not be able to presently assist in every negotiation or bargaining going on but just read about it on emails. Somehow Mr John Velos expertise had me calm down to a point that I trusted that I will be okay.

I would recommend Mr John Velos legal services with no hesitation to anyone in this situation or any legal situation that will need a professional that can proceed with care and compassion.

I know that I thanked you before John but I would like to thank you and your team again in this letter for your care and compassion, you treated us like we matter and helped us get some peace over this difficult time. I am glad that you were there when we needed you. Thank you.

Family Law


I engaged Mr John Velos to negotiate the settlement my divorce and of my bankruptcy and to take my difficult case through. the judiciary system on my behalf. I have been suffering ill health for some time including cancer and
autoimmune disease. The drawn out and vicious court battles have taken their toll.

As a single mother of two severely disabled sons, it was vital for me to see a fair and just end to well over a decade of suffering at the hands of my former husband.

Working with John Velos and his team has meant that much of this stress has been lessened and that whilst my files have been in his capable hands, I have been able to spend more of my focus on my children (who require much supervision and care) and my health which is of great concern.

Mr John Velos has been nothing but compassionate and professional throughout the process. His team have made communications easier in circumstances where I have not understood the requests of me and I have been able to work with John and his team to take the matter to court in a timely fashion.

The final day in court was extremely un-nerving but John was clear and concise in his communications and took what was pitiful offer to one that not only worked for my family but gave us peace of mind into the future.

I highly recommmend the services of Velos & Velos and extend my deepest gratitude to Mr John Velos and his caring & professional team.

Civil and Commercial Law


I engaged Mr Velos’ services as soon as a newly engaged customer began to default on their arrangements in relation to receivables. Even though we delivered projects that were up to code, and in line with Australian standards there was a long and unpleasant back and forth.

Mr Velos and his team understood the situation and were able to advise me on several avenues to protect us against any claims and pursue the matter at hand.

Whilst this was a difficult time for us, Mr Velos’ team were able to support us and give us direction as we were unaware of our position during the most distressing of times.

They were able to finalise the matter with haste, so that we could get back to doing what we do best. Mr Velos’ Firm represented us with a high regard of professionalism, respect and compassion.

We don’t hesitate in recommending Mr Velos, his dedicated staff and firm to act on your behalf in relation to civil litigation, and debt collection. We will continue to utilise Mr Velos’ services when challenging situations arise.

I want to take this opportunity to mention a special thanks to Mr Velos and his associate. At the most panicked moment, together they were able to guide us to the desired outcome, and for this I am very grateful. I Wish thank Mr Velos and his dedicated staff for their professional services and
wish their firm many future successes.

Breach of Contract

Bui and Lam

We engaged Mr John Velos and his team with an issue where my wife, Wendy Lam and I were wronged by our wedding reception. John and his legal team were genuinely sympathetic about our situation and fought for us with real compassion.

Mr Velos and his team sat us down to inform us of each proceeding in detail and explained all the outcomes that may come out of it. They were very transparent and detailed throughout the whole process. In an environment that my wife and I were not used to, John Velos and Bo Zhou made us feel comfortable and safe. They made sure we understood every step of the way.

We would highly recommend Velos & Velos legal services for any legal situation that will need professionals that genuinely care about their clients and their situation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank John Velos and his team again. Thank you for allowing us to continue with our lives with a peace of mind. It has been great getting to know both of you throughout the process and will happily be using your services again if required.



I engaged Mr Velos in support of dealings with creditors who were continually not listening to my responses and arguments related to the legitimacy to their claims.

Mr John Velos was very understanding and compassionate in his dealings with me, but also very strong and direct when dealing with a large credit company who were standing firm in their requests.

Through a long process over an 8-month period Mr Velos continued to support my position and continued to defend and support my arguments with this particular creditor. After many months and numerous communications Mr Velos had achieved an amicable arrangement for all parties.

Without the legal support, advice and understanding shown by Mr Velos, I doubt that I would have achieved this outcome on my own. Through Velos and Velos I was supported and treated without any prejudice and with complete understanding and sympathy of my circumstances.

I personally would recommend the services of Velos & Velos to any legal matters. I certainly will be looking to use them into the future on another matters.

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr John Velos for his support and advice during these drawn-out proceedings. His support made the situation, that little bit more bearable.



I moved to a house that looked as a dream place on the photos and during the inspection. After moving in, we experienced noise nuisance that had been there for months before we moved in, break-ins, rainwater in the house due to neglected gutter maintenance and letting me transfer the energy meter in my name despite my unit not being separately metered.

Agent’s competence and professionalism were far from acceptable. Frustrated by the experience, I lodged a VCAT application and asked John Velos of VCAT Lawyers for his expert opinion. He assessed the situation and informed me of my chances and explained the VCAT hearing process. John Velos drafted a successful strategy and helped me with preparing my talking points for the hearing.

I felt confident after our meeting. The agent backed off two weeks before the hearing and agreed on early-lease termination without fees, and I got my bond back in full.

I want to thank John Velos and staff at VCAT Lawyers for their service and approach. Thanks to you, I sleep without worrying whether the noise was the house cracking or somebody in the hallway. After moving out, I realized how much the situation affected me. It has been great getting to know John Velos and staff and would recommend your services to everyone.

Legal Advice


I would like to recommend John Velos, Lawyer, whom I have hired on occasion when necessary. He always calls me back and gives me good advice when I need it.

He is a valuable member of my contacts and he never lets me down. Professional and caring is a great combination and I appreciate what he has done for me and will do when I need wise legal council. Thank you Mr Velos!

Deceased Estate


I sought John Velos’ firm’s services to assist with a sensitive and personal interstate Deceased Estate matter that had been on my agenda for some three years prior without a workable solution and had my local solicitor stalled for over a year.

One walks out of a conference with John Velos with renewed confidence. Once the guidance of Velos was followed and acted on, in a matter of weeks the conflict was settled exactly as we had hoped. Their responses were extremely prompt, directions to the solicitor were clear, firm and yet fully supportive of me as his client, closing a painful experience agreeably with ease.

I have no hesitation in recommending this firm be considered for engagement in a wide variety of legal issues.



We engaged Mr John Velos when we were wronged by a mechanic owning a car repair company, we sought out legal advice for an upcoming VCAT case which we had concerns about due to opting for self-representation.

Mr Velos informed us of the legal proceedings we would have to be aware of, as well as what is to be said for the best possible outcome. The advice was to the point, concise and professional, thoroughly covering every relevant area. Mr Velos’ bilingual skills were also helpful, he is fluent in Greek and his skill eased the communication process for my father.

We are extremely pleased with the service and advice given to us and are now confident of a favourable outcome for the upcoming VCAT case thanks to Mr Velos, The costs are very reasonable for a first-class service delivered with the upmost professionalism and care. We will happily use the services of the firm again if needed.

We wish to express our gratitude to Mr Velos for helping us during a difficult time, and we wholeheartedly recommend Velos & Velos legal services for any legal situation.



I wish to highly recommend Mr Velos for his VCAT legal service.

I engaged with Mr Velos’ service as a dispute regarding commercial lease arose. That was a very tough situation for us as the claims in this case were very significant. Mr Velos and his team understood the situation very well and provided great service to protect us.

Finally we achieved the best possible outcome. It also helped us to save a lot of money.

I need to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Velos and his team for their kindness, professionalism, and all help during this year. I do not know what I would have done without Mr Velos help and guidance. I am very satisfied with the legal services provided by Mr John Velos. I definitely would recommend Mr Velos to anyone I know that needs legal help.

Legal Agreement


Thank you, Mr Velos, for your assistance and your support drawing up a legal agreement for my business, all in such a short time.

I had problems to create an agreement created between me and a potential business partner but now that has been solved and I am so grateful for all you professional advice and input to make that agreement real on paper.

Thank you Mr Velos, when I need some legal advice, I will certainly be giving you a call.

Civil Litigation


I wish to highly recommend Mr Velos for his legal services.

In earl/ April of this year I contacted Mr Velos after obtaining a free referral from the Victorian Law Institute after discussing our distressing situation, whereby we had civil litigation proceedings issued for a mistake by an agent we engaged and were being sued by a litigious party. We were innocent on all levels and had little time or knowledge of how to address this state of events as we were booked to go overseas in a few days with little room for cancellation at short notice. Mr Velos quickly grasped our predicament and expertly looked after our legal problem with prompt contact from then on until our legal matter was finally finished and settled.

Our agent and our plaintiff both in time proved to be unethical, avaricious and foolish and drew out the whole process. Mr Velos and team worked hard to get the best possible outcome for us, sheltering us from greater stress, inconvenience and cost, by not going to court.

Our legal costs were higher than we anticipated but reasonable given the outcome. We have learnt the hard way from this situation to obtain good advice from Mr Velos before embarking on another hazardous endeavour and wish him and his team the best.

We would like to a say a big thank you to Mr. John Velos for helping us with the most complicated case of ours. Our issue of removal of caveats from our property was lingering since ages ,we went to so many lawyers across Melbourne regarding our issue but they were not able to resolve it .

We came to know of Velos & Velos through google and had a meeting with Mr .John Velos regarding our issue. I found Mr. John very knowledgeable and professional with his services. He explained every step in detail and always assured us they are in safe hand.

Our matter was handled with at most attention by Mr. John Velos and his team ,it was solved in a timely manner without any delays.

I will always recommend Mr. John Velos to any of my friends & family if they need his service in future.

Mr. John keep up the good Work.



My name is Wendy and I highly recommend Mr John Velos and staff at Velos & Velos Lawyers.

Since August 2019 my family and I have been trying to recover a debt from a tiling company. After no success from VCAT and another law firm we were ready to give up. Luckily I contacted Mr Velos and that was the best decision I had made regarding this matter. The company in debt to us is extremely unpleasant and difficult to deal with; so unpleasant that the previous law firm we paid to recover the debt refused to take the case any further.

I contacted Mr Velos in January of this year and explained the situation to him, I warned him of the nature of the the case and Mr Velos quickly assured me, without any hesitation, that it will be no problem. Instantly, I felt relieved and knew my family and I were in trustworthy and capable hands.

Since day 1 Mr Velos always kept an open communication channel. He explained to us our options in language we could understand. I was pleasantly surprised by how timely all of his replies were. Many times I did have to call him and was able to speak to him right away, something that is not common when dealing with other lawyers.

Mr Velos is very knowledgable in debt recovery and bankruptcy matters. When explaining to us our options, he always made sure we understood the options and what we should expect from them.

Where previous lawyers made us feel like this case was impossible, that there was no other option than to give up, Mr Velos showed professionalism and care in his work. He gave us a lot of hope and was able to follow through and we could not be more grateful for what he has done.

We have been recommending Mr Velos to all our family and friends and we will continue to do so due to the positive experience we have had with Velos & Velos lawyers.

Property Law


To Whomsoever It May Concern

We would like to a say a big thank you to Mr. John Velos for helping us with the most complicated case of ours. Our issue of removal of caveats from our property was lingering since ages ,we went to so many lawyers across Melbourne regarding our issue but they were not able to resolve it .

We came to know of Velos & Velos through google and had a meeting with Mr .John Velos regarding our issue. I found Mr. John very knowledgeable and professional with his services. He explained every step in detail and always assured us they are in safe hand.

Our matter was handled with at most attention by Mr. John Velos and his team ,it was solved in a timely manner without any delays.

I will always recommend Mr. John Velos to any of my friends & family if they need his service in future.

Mr. John keep up the good Work.

Wills and Probate


I engaged the services of Mr John Velos under extremely difficult circumstances. My husband passed away and shortly after I was admitted to Alfred Hospital with pneumonia. I was very ill, frightened and anxious due to the passing of my husband. The sorrow and grief that I was going through urged me to prepare a Will as I had no idea of what tomorrow would bring.

Mr John Velos and his staff understood my situation and acted in an efficient, timely and compassionate manner. Pursuant to my instructions over a telephone conference, Mr Velos urgently prepared a new Will and organized for a Lawyer to attend the Hospital with one of the secretaries, where the Will was executed and witnessed according to law.

I was relieved that my personal and financial affairs were in order and I was able to calmly improve my health and wellbeing, knowing that my family was well protected.

I do not hesitate in recommending Mr John Velos and his dedicated staff to anyone who needs a new Will and/or Power of Attorney prepared, as you will be provided with sincere services, outmost professionalism, respect and compassion.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Velos and his staff for their efficiency, professionalism and support during such a difficult time and wish them every success and continued growth from strength to strength.



Contraté al Sr. John Velos de Velos & Velos Lawyers para servicios legales difíciles y todo fue atendido con excelentes consejos y una buena experiencia. Gracias, señor Velos, sinceramente por todos sus esfuerzos. Su gran experiencia en derecho, el cuidado genuino y el ojo para los detalles es muy importante y apreciado. El señor Velos siempre me Ilamaba y me daba buenos consejos e hizo lo que podia, ha sido un proceso muy difícil bastante soportable y exitoso. También sentí en todo momento que estaba en las mejores manos y esto me dio una gran confianza en el futuro. Recomiendo encarecidamente al Sr. John Velos que resuelva sus problemas legales y le brinde buenos consejos a precios asequibles. Muchas gracias a todos.

I engaged Mr John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers for difficult legal services and everything was attended to with great advice and a good experience.

Thank you Mr Velos sincerely for all your efforts.

Your great experience in law, the genuine care and eye for detail is very much appreciated.

Mr Velos always called me back and gave me good advice and made what could have been a very difficult process quite bearable and successful.

I also felt at all times that I was in the very best of hands and this gave me great confidence going forward.

I strongly recommend Mr John Velos to solve your legal problems and give you good advice at affordable fees.

Thank you all so much.

Family Law, Violence


My son engaged John Velos Lawyers last December 2017.

He had been charged by the Victorian Police with some very serious allegations which I believe affected him to the point where he was unable to process the consequences to be able to make good choices or decisions. Except of course, for finding Velos & Velos Lawyers … how my son managed this is a miracle in itself!

It has been an extremely difficult time for our son and I cannot stress how much I have appreciated John’s years of professional wisdom and counsel. I reside in Perth which added to the despair and distress.

During these highly emotional times in your life you must be protected by a “legal eagle” who has empathy, compassion, understanding and great intellect. John has all these virtues and many more … he has great insight and the ability to see the whole picture. John offered direction and guidance which transcended an untenable situation.

John was kind and patient with our son without judgment or criticism. I felt he treated Antony as if he was a member of his own family. Antony is only 26 years old – with his whole future ahead of him.

The outcome of the case was a good outcome.

My humble wish is for my son to visit Melbourne in the near future and share with John how much his kindness helped carry him during this terrible storm in his life.

I am sincerely grateful and wish to thank John and his team at Velos & Velos who treated us with the utmost respect and dignity.

I highly recommend Velos & Velos Lawyers and their competent, professional legal services.

Body Corporate OC


We sought legal advice of John Velos of Velos and Velos Lawyers to assist with Body Corporate and/or Home & Contents Insurance issue we have been dealing with for over a year.

Once again, the legal advice provided by John Velos proved effective and achieved the desired result.

Thank you John Velos and staff for your guidance, advice and support which led us to an amicable and effective resolution.

We have no doubt in recommending Mr John Velos and Velos and Velos Lawyers to anyone seeking legal advice and guidance.



Before my first Conference with Mr John Velos, Master of Laws at Velos & Velos Lawyers I was in complete despair, facing 15 years in jail.

From Mr John Velos I received immediate support and prompt advice. This was a great relief as a burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I got peace of mind.

With thoroughness and attention to detail Mr John Velos organised reports and references on my behalf.

He kept me informed during the whole Court process, offering words of encouragement.

He appointed an experienced barrister, and I received a Community Corrections Order, without conviction, an outstanding outcome seeing it was my second offence.

These were life changing results.

With over 40 years’ experience Mr John Velos offered wisdom, loyalty, respect, understanding and compassion. I consider him a friend and an extension of my family, as does my family.

I highly recommend Mr John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers. He saved my life.

It was an exceptional experience, and all the staff were highly professional. Simply professional, excellent and outstanding.

Their legal services are simply outstanding


Sir Peter


The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude,

be kind but not weak;

Be bold; but not a bully; be thoughtful but not lazy;

be humble, but not timid;

Be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly.

It is my observation: you lead the way by personal example and by personal philosophy. I admire the manner in which you represent your profession and deliver advice.



Recently Mr J. Velos prepared a will for me.

He was clear, and concise, giving me the best advice, available for my requests and needs as well as meeting all my requirements.

He is, a true professional.

I am very grateful for the time he and his wonderful staff gave me, and take this opportunity to thank him

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Velos to anyone, regardless of the legal advice that they may need.

Centrelink, Debt, ATO


I engaged the services of Mr John Velos and his legal firm Velos & Velos Lawyers to negotiate a settlement dispute between myself and the Department of Human Services — Centrelink Office. The situation was very stressful and demanding.

Mr John Velos and staff were very understanding and compassionate of my situation and acted in a very professional, efficient and timely manner. Mr John Velos was able to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with regular monthly repayments and thus I avoided being declared bankrupt.

I do not hesitate in recommending Mr John Velos and his dedicated staff to anyone who needs assistance in dealing with the ATO, Centrelink or any other Department of Human Services and relevant authorities. I am positive that all clients will be provided with respect, compassion, professionalism, sound and practical legal advice.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Velos and staff for their outmost professionalism, timely legal advice and support during this most difficult and stressful time and wish them every success and continued growth from strength to strength to provide excellent service to all clients and community.



I write to you today in appreciation of the service you provided to me in relation to my former Bankrupt Estate.

Unfortunately, the bankruptcy case was mishandled by the appointed Trustees. Years a2er being discharged, I was contacted again by the appointed Trustees requesting that I still required to repay a substitutional amount of money even though, as far as I was concerned, the case had been finalised.

I really had no idea about my legal responsibilities or more importantly, the fact that the matter could be negotiated with the former trustees.

With the one consultation with yourself, I was provided with the information I required to proceed in dealing with the former Trustees. In fact, I followed your exact recommendations in my negotiations and was able to settle on an amount equal to one third the sum of what was originally being demanded.

Had I not sought your legal expertise and most importantly, your experience in these matters, the outcome would have been far less favourable.

Thank you with much appreciation.



I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Velos & Velos Lawyers. My name is Soklev-Tasevski and I have been represented by John Velos since the 21st of November 2017. During this short period, I experienced John’s exceptional academic and personal skills. His professionalism is admirable and most importantly, John is a Lawyer that you can call and expect to speak to or receive a call back on the same day.

John’s in-depth knowledge and experience within Bankruptcy matters increased the overall outcome of my settlement between the Trustee and myself. John is an excellent negotiator. He dealt with a Trustee where the matter was previously very badly damaged: I thought all hope was gone.

My husband was declared bankrupt in 2014. It was the messiest of all bankruptcies — the business was a partnership and the other Director’s wife was the Administration Manager/Bookkeeper and so on. I knew nothing.

Years later, the appointed Trustee was seeking foreclosure on my Family home.

I went into panic mode and engaged the wrong legal and financial representatives — recommended by the other Director and his wife. This was a plot to use me and destroy me, as I was the only one with an asset, the family home.

I became depressed, reclusive and helpless. I contemplated suicide, as did my Husband many times. We both sought counselling and could barely meet financial obligations for years. Our two very young children were becoming extremely affected and with the help of my loving family, I decided to make a change.

I needed an independent, professional and reputable lawyer. I was told to look no further than John Velos. I made the life changing phone call to Bo at Velos & Velos. Bo showed interest, empathy and professionalism. I was booked in to see John the next day. It’s been “all systems go” ever since. I have never once felt doubt or been in two minds over the representation from John Velos.

John Velos was a beacon of hope to my children and me at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only was John able to defend me from unjust accusations, but also his calm and empathetic demeanour offered emotional support to myself and filtered through to those I care about most.

The overall settlement figure between the Trustee and myself was a third of the initial demand. Velos & Velos also came in under budpet for their legal fees, which were outlined within our initial consultation. There were never any grey areas.

In less than 6 months, John Velos reached an extremely satisfactory settlement figure. My previous legal team consisting of 2 Lawyers, 1 Forensic Accountant and 2 CPA’s were a waste of 2 years and too much money that I didn’t have.

In closing, I was worried I would lose everything but John got us sorted out after just a couple of months. I’d engage him again. My children and I are eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr. John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers without reservation.

Will, Power of Attorney and Criminal Matters


My husband and I are most grateful for the services that Mr John Velos and his team at Velos and Velos Lawyers have provided for us.

Velos and Velos Lawyers have many years of experience in the legal field and that was apparent from the moment we approached Mr Velos in particular.

Mr Velos was highly capable of handling our sensitive matters with respect and integrity. Mr Velos provided us with sound legal advice for various matters that we required.

Matters including Wills, Power of Attorney and Criminal Investigations.

Mr Velos and his team were proactive therefore we were given the chance to comprehend the situations and understood every step of the way thanks to the Velos and Velos team effort.

Mr Velos had a clear understanding of our situations and was most informative. He advised us through each matter step by step with great patience and dignity.

Their services are of excellence and yet we received affordable legal representation.

As for recommending Velos and Velos Lawyers I have already started recommending Mr John Velos to our circle.

Without a doubt in my mind, I highly recommend to anyone who is not satisfied with their present legal representatives, they should try Velos and Velos lawyers.

For most legal matters Velos and Velos Lawyers offer the best services.

I would like to thank Velos and Velos Lawyers and especially Mr John Velos for his time and excellence in his services.



Mr. John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers recently prepared a Will for me, which was clearly explained and prepared to my complete satisfaction.

The advice provided by Mr Velos was very professional, practical and as a result, I was able to achieve exactly what I was aiming for in my Will.

I have no doubt in recommending Mr John Velos and his staff to anyone who needs assistance in dealing with Wills, Probate or Estate matters as I am positive that all clients will be provided with respect, compassion, professionalism, sound and practical legal advice.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Velos for his legal expertise, outmost professionalism and timely legal advice, and wish him, staff and his legal firm every success going forward.

Family Law/Civil Law


Re: Getting a legal advice for an Intervention Order

Mr John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers gave me very professional and valuable Pro Bono advice without charging me consultation fees.

He not only advised me on how to handle my case, but also provided me with valuable advice in becoming a better person.

I have no doubt in recommending Mr John Velos in Family Law and Civil matters.

He is an expert with over 40 years of experience, don’t look elsewhere.

Mr John Velos and his staff are also very courteous and professional.

I wish Mr Velos and his staff all the very best and I have no doubt that they will succeed in every step of their life.